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Welcome to Simpload v3!

What's Simpload About?

   Simpload is a free to use service that allows you to put your files on the internet to share with others. Our primary purpose is hosting pictures, but we allow audio clips and video clips as well (although only to our registered users). To upload a file, simply follow the steps in the form below.

Simpload is currently version Click here to view the change log.

Uploading for Simpload as been closed down until further notice. Your images will continue to be viewable until their normal expiration, but the addition of new images is disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Allowed Image Filetypes*: All
   * Images other than JPG, PNG or GIF are converted to JPG
   * Any format supported by ImageMagick® is supported by Simpload. For a complete list click here.
Maximum Resolution: 5 MP (Larger images are automatically scaled)

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